Ficus Gall Wasps

Ficus Gall Wasp Blisters

First identified in Florida in 2007, this ficus pest is caused by the Josephiella wasp and specifically attacks Cuban Laurels.

What are the green blisters on my ficus leaves?

The adult female "stings" the leaf and lays eggs. As the larvae grow, they feed off of the plant tissue for nourishment which swells the leaves, causing the bumps.

Can this kill my trees?

For the most part, galls create aesthetic issues only. Defoliation can result on ficus plants. Treatment options are available but not always necessary. A thorough inspection can determine the best course of action for your property. We highly recommend treatment if the wasps are present along with whiteflies or other environmental stressors. 

Request a consultation with your local certified arborist to inspect your ficus trees for gall wasps and create a treatment plan if necessary. 

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