Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs are common throughout the Gulf states and into Georgia and North Carolina.

Chinch bug damage to lawns

What do they look like?

Chinch bugs are small, gray-black, white-winged bugs.

How do chinch bugs affect my grass?

Concentrated near the soil surface, chinch bug nymphs feed on St. Augustine grass lawns after hatching, causing it to turn yellow (often in circular patches), wilt and eventually die.

When will I see the damage?

Chinch bug damage is greatest during the summer when hot, dry conditions exist. But in Southern Florida, chinch bugs are active all year long. 

How can I prevent chinch bug attacks?

  1. Proper diagnosis of an infestation since signs can mimic other problems
  2. Mowing to a healthy height of 3-4 inches
  3. Core aeration to increase air and moisture penetration
  4. Fertilizing to enhance turf recovery
  5. Watering drought-prone or full-sun areas to maintain moisture levels

 Keep cinch bugs from harming your lawn by finding your local certified arborist to request a consultation. 

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