Protect trees against El Nino storms, arborists urge

In this article with Pleasanton Weekly, Joe Berg, assistant district manager of Davey's East Bay office, tells readers what kind of impact this drought can have on their trees when it comes to El Nino storms. 

Posted: Feb. 25, 2016 

By Meredith Bauer

With strong El Nino storms still on the horizon, local arborists recommend Pleasanton residents inspect their trees to protect them from tumbling down.

The yearslong drought has been tough on East Bay trees, especially non-native but beautiful species like Redwoods, said Joe Berg, assistant district manager of Davey Tree's East Bay office.

"We're definitely seeing a lot of impact from the four-plus years of drought," he said. "Most of the trees that are getting hit really hard are the ones that aren't exactly native to the area, like Monterey pines and Redwoods."

The lack of water can weaken or kill a tree, leaving it susceptible to falling or losing limbs that snap off in strong gusts. Now is the best time to check out one's trees, arborists said, because a big El Nino storm could topple a stressed tree onto a home or car. 

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