Keeping trees safe in winter

In this article, Chestnut Hill Local quotes Davey arborist Mark Mercaldo on the importance of preparing trees for the winter.

Posted: Tuesday, February 11, 2014

By Emily Vanneman

Mercaldo _Mark -01-2007_jpgAs area residents learned with last week’s winter blast, not all trees can withstand the weight of inches of snow and ice. As trees were brought down onto main roads and side streets, many commuters were unable to make it to work or even make a trip to the gas station.

Preparing your trees for winter weather can have a significant impact on damage caused by snow. Having healthy trees can ensure that you do not lose power in the frigid winter months.

According to Mark Mercaldo, an arborist with Davey Tree Expert Company in Horsham, cavities in tree trunks can create a weak spot that could harm the tree’s structure. The recent temperature fluctuations have wreaked havoc upon the strength of the trees in Chestnut Hill.

Mercaldo also suggested that there are ways to identify a potentially harmful tree. Tree experts can evaluate the trees health by inspecting the tree species, soil conditions, wind exposure, defects and overall health.

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