Guarding the Massachusetts Landscape from Pests

In this Home Remodeling story, Natascha Batchelor of Davey's Cape Cod, Massachusetts office shares tips to control the area's most prevalent garden pests, such as gypsy moth, canker worms, aphids, lace bug, scale and mites.

Posted: September 5, 2017

They are called pests for a reason. They are a nuisance, a constant irritant, and seem perpetually intent on destroying your landscape. They defoliate your trees and turn the leaves yellow, brown or black. They wreak havoc on your azaleas and rhododendrons.

And then there were this year’s scourge, the ever-present gypsy moth caterpillars, hanging on trees, covering decks and leaving a mess in their wake.

What to do?

“It all starts with monitoring,” says Natascha Batchelor of Davey Tree Service in East Falmouth, Massachusetts.

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