Davey Tree Expert Company FAQ

I have a service issue. How do I contact customer service?

If you would like to give a compliment, make a complaint, or ask a general question you can't find an answer to, simply complete this form and a Davey representative will handle your inquiry.

I have a general inquiry. How can I contact Davey Tree's global headquarters?

In addition to e-mail contact, we can be reached at 1-800-445-8733. Our mailing address is 1500 N. Mantua St., Kent, Ohio 44240.

Have any of your offices earned Tree Care Industry Association accreditation?

Yes, all of our U.S. Residential/Commercial tree service office locations are TCIA Accredited - a distinction we are certainly proud to hold.

How do I calculate the value of my trees?

While the benefits trees provide are priceless, you can visit our National Tree Benefit Calculator to learn how to assign a value to your most precious natural asset.

Is there a Davey office in my area?

For residential, commercial, utility or consulting crews, you can find Davey operations throughout the United States and Canada.

What does Davey do besides tree care?

Since 1880, we have expanded services to meet the needs of our clients. Our service offerings are the most diverse in the industry. Whether you are a utility looking for vegetation management and utility consulting service, a property manager in need of grounds management or large tree moving, a municipality looking for project management and urban forestry assistance, or a golf course community looking for daily course maintenance and ecological services, Davey is your one source for high-quality, reliable service.

Can I find Davey on popular social media sites?

Yes. As part of our mission to provide expert information on tree and landscape care and natural resource preservation, we have a presence on a number of social media sites, including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn.

How can I purchase stock and/or a franchise in the Davey system?

Davey is employee owned. Davey stock is not publicly traded, and shares are not available for public purchase. Davey offices are not franchised and are corporately managed.

What is Davey Resource Group?

The Davey Resource Group is our consulting division. DRG experts work with diverse clients on diverse challenges, providing them with innovative solutions through a full range of urban forestry, utility and ecological services.

What is The Davey Institute?

The Davey Institute is the industry's premier research, development and innovation group. Comprised of Ph.D. level thought leaders in a variety of horticultural disciplines, The Davey Institute furthers John Davey's mission for natural resource preservation through the scientific process.

Is it really possible for Davey employees to earn a degree through Davey?

Yes. An innovative joint program with Kent State University allows Davey employees to earn an associate in science degree through a combination of Davey-offered training and academic course work.

How can I get in touch with an expert source to interview for a story?

At Davey, we have many experts available for comment. Our scientists at The Davey Institute can provide information on a wide range of topics from general landscape care to natural resource management. Contact a representative from Davey's Corporate Communications staff to obtain a list of our experts and relevant topics.

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